The EP I See​!​!

by Octopus For "Yes!"

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Thanks to: JP, MJ, Gene, Yo Boss, Aevum Media, Newly for being such a crazy mother, The Goodman's for letting us kidnap their son, The Townsend Family for letting us rock out very loud in the basement, The Buscema Family for not killing for having bootcamp, The Holliday Family, Dr. Paulsen, Eric Johnson for making Jon the beastly drummer he is today, Dr. Maggio, Dr. Klinefelter, Steve Giordano, Michael Morrow, Bill Rossi, The Volko family for giving Austen a beautiful place to live in a time of transition, The inspiring Mr. Jim Malloy, Leon Spencer, The Botkins for taking wonderful care of Austen's doggies, Mrs. LeBuffe, Mr. Shank, Mrs. Stab, Tara, Streaks Of Light, The North End, and to you for supporting local music.


released April 27, 2010

Jonathan Buscema - Drums, Engineer, Head Producer, Mastering
Austen Royce Goodman - Bass (Including Solo at end of Secret), Vocals
Zachariah Holliday - Guitar
Daniel Townsend - Piano, Keyboard, Vocals

Produced and Recorded by Octopus For "Yes!". Recorded in The Merriam Theater, Swope Music Building, and The Octopus's Garden. Photo by Trevor Hosterman. Artwork by Sean Talamini.



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Track Name: Marmalade
You think you know, but you lose control, and your memory fades to black…
Sell your soul, we are creatures of habit, but I’m not comin’ back
But oh, all of our days are done before we’re through with everything on this Earth we planned to do.
Feed your need, you said you’d end it all, but you went runnin’ back…
As time slips by it provokes me to think life is what you lack
But oh, all of our days are done before we’re through with everything on this Earth we planned to do… It’s not fair

Emotion is relative to feeling, and that’s exactly why I can’t complain.
I molded my very own surroundings.
I am the source of my pain.
So go on feeding your addiction.
Tried to warn you of the cost.
Your habit’s becoming a tradition.
My faith is lost.
Track Name: Trifling Troubles
Trifling troubles fill my empty head… but I won’t dwell upon it. Silly situations in the corners of my brain. It’s hard to hold a single train of thought because it keeps on crashing. Storm clouds flood my worried mind with rain. Ah….
Drifting to the emptiness of sleep, it can be so relaxing. Waking up is often hard to do. Pick my head up off my shoulder, pay attention like they told ya, try and see where all this leads up to. Ah…
Track Name: Hydra-
If you’re tired, rest your head, put your feet up on the bed.
If you’re angry, take a seat, try to keep your rage discrete.
If you’re desperate, make amends, so you can finally breath again.
If you’re lonely, make a friend, maybe then the pain will end.
If you’re happy, let it show, I want the whole wide world to know.
Wrapped in comfort, it’s too soon, you have so much more to lose.

Don’t wanna kick and pull away… don’t wanna waste another day… and I try but restless I remain.

On the surface, it’s a game, such a mindless grasp at fame and fortune, knipping at my heels.
Is this the essence of your sin?
At the center, it’s a mess, inspiration forms a winding highway, fortune spits on dreams.
Countless hours tear the seams…

Don’t wanna kick and pull away… don’t wanna waste another day… and I try but restless I remain.

If a million little speckles were to fall from broken skies, I could say a million reasons why no more should fall from eyes.
I am sick of the shame, part of the pain, nothing to gain from holding on.
But all the time and effort that goes in keeps me from being wrong.
Track Name: Teslatron
Future seeker… just the thrill they need.
Working hard to make loose ends meet.
But if you feel like you get no relief…
get outta the past, you shouldn’t drag your feet.

I am no more, I am nothing, I am nowhere, I am not here, I don’t know where I am going, it’s all unclear to me, because I haven’t got a...

Future seeker… what does your glass eye see?
The more I tell the more it cannot be.
But if you feel the need you got to know…
well get gone!
You’re unwanted here, you’re like the cancer’s song…

I am no more, I am no thing, I am nowhere, I am now here, I now know where I am going, It’s all so clear to me, but you just haven’t got a…

I'll never see you're face again... but that's fine with me
I'll never taste your dreams again... but thats fine with me
Track Name: Secret
I never told a soul, but I think you should know…
I’ve held my tongue. To it I’ve clung.
Every day that goes without saying…
those monsters won’t let me sleep.

My ankles wrapped in shackles plummet through the ocean deep.
Stop that, your following me…
Our promise won’t let me be.